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Sydney Striders welcomes every runner - male or female, young or old, social or competitive. The diversity of members' interests and abilities is one of the Club's strengths. Come to one of our Sunday runs or 10k races to get a taste of what Striders is all about. You will enjoy the experience, and we look forward to meeting you - either as a visitor or as a new member. 

Some of the benefits Striders membership offers:


A group run every Sunday morning (Sunday Training Run), 30 different courses covering the most scenic areas of Sydney's North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, and Inner West. Each STAR has a course map indicating various distance options from 10K to 30K. Visitors welcome (subject to the Code of Conduct).

A choice of start times between 6:00 am and 7:00 am allows you to choose a group which runs at your pace. Groups are encouraged to stay together so that no-one ends up running on their own. Each STAR is hosted by a Club member who provides refreshments at nominal cost. Post-run socialising is an important part of Club spirit, giving runners of different standards an opportunity to catch up with each other and swap stories or training ideas.

10K Series

We organise an Open 10K race on the first Saturday of every month, from February through November, over three different Sydney courses. It starts at 7am and a handicap points system operates for members so that you can plot your progress over the months.


The Club's magazine is a high quality publication produced four times a year. It contains informative articles along with entertaining 'running' stories - achievements, disasters, training tips, and Sunday morning gossip!

Go Green!

Members are encouraged to wear Striders colours everywhere, especially in team entries for major outside events. All sorts of gear is available in the distinctive green and white Club colours, at very reasonable prices.

Club Events - Races and Social 

Club trophies and prizes are awarded for members-only events. They include a cross-country race and a handicap half marathon. There is also the popular 10k Series (open to all) and the Super Series. Family members are encouraged to join in these events as well as post-STaR barbecues, an annual Prizegiving Breakfast, and an Awards Dinner.

Registered Athlete Status

The Club is affiliated with Athletics NSW. This enables Strider members to become 'Registered Athletes' for outside events which require it.

Mid Week Training Groups

In addition to our weekly STaRs and monthly 10K races, there are several groups of Striders who meet informally for a regular run during the week at different locations and times.


We have a special Programme for school children who are interested in starting or continuing running. The results achieved by our Juniors are extraordinary.

Join us

.... if you haven't already done so. Please come to one of our Sunday 7am or 10k runs to get a taste of what Striders is all about. We're sure you'll enjoy the experience, and we look forward to welcoming you - either as a visitor or as a new member. 

Web Site

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Awards Party Night

Have you seen Striders with their clothes on? If not, come along on Friday night to the Striders Mid-Year Awards Night and get an eyefull and a few other things.


Dream Lovers Weekend

Your dreams come true this weekend. Saturday 9 May, you win the members only 10km handicap on Saturday at Lane Cove Nat Park.

Sunday 10 May, say hello to host Steve and have a dream run at the Newport NIGHTMARE!!!!! 

Blister 125

Blister 125 is available here: Blister125

Amy, Michelle and the Blisterites have done a great job and as you can see it is an exciting new electronic format to help with easy mobile access. If you need any help with the new format email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tale of Two Cities

Sunday April 12, pick your City, Canberra or Sydney, and as Dickens urges: "in the name of all the angels or the devils — whichever you prefer — Go Strider!”

Canberra Marathon or Homebush Hustle?

Roseville Ripstar

Starts: Echo Point Park, Babbage Rd, Roseville Chase, Easter Sunday

A team of dedicated Striders with their trained tracker wombats have carved out a new path through the beautiful streets of Forestville and adjoining suburbs to create the new Roseville Ripstar.

A few residents have lodged complaints about having their houses being demolished but that is always the way with the NIMBY lot.

The new map has been transported by the Strider carrier pidgeon into the Strider command bunker and is available through the usual calendar links.

You may see some confusing references on the documents to the "Roseville Ripsnorter". They are there to give you something to talk about for three hours.